Dr. Cleaner

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Dr. Cleaner is the only free application that integrates memory optimization, disk cleaning and system monitoring! Dr. Cleaner optimizes your Mac to keep it in top condition at all times.



The main function
【Disk Analysis】

Scan your disk and present a clickable, colorful and interactive file distribution map
Click on the item on the distribution map to view the detailed information of the file
Through the file distribution diagram, you can see which files or folders occupy a lot of space on the entire disk
[Smart memory optimization]

Free up memory space with one click
The memory is instantly restored after the App exits
Show apps that take up a lot of memory
The desktop status bar displays the used memory in real time
【Disk Cleanup】

Start Quick Disk Cleanup in the system status bar
Clear temporary files, including cache, log, download files, etc.
Intelligent detection of residual files of uninstalled software
Clear junk files in mobile storage devices
【Large file scanning】

One-key scanning of large files (users can customize scan file size, from 10MB and above)
Multiple filter criteria, including size, modification date, file name and file type, etc.
Can scan local files stored in cloud storage systems such as iCloud drive
Protected files will not be displayed
[*Important files can be locked in the protected directory to prevent accidental deletion. ]
【Find duplicate files】

Deep and fast scanning: It has a fast and accurate scanning algorithm that can cover every corner of your Mac home directory.
Intelligent and precise selection: The judgment of duplicate files is not only based on the file name, creation date, folder and other factors, but also based on the file’s own identification code. The scan results will be presented to you in a detailed preview, and there is also an intelligent “one-key selection” function to help you make judgments.
Make a decision simply but safely: Duplicate files can be filtered by file type, and the full path will be displayed for you to judge. You can choose to permanently delete these duplicate files or put them in the trash.
【Application Management】

Automatically clean up all uninstall remnants
Easily manage all installed programs on your Mac
Clear and convenient display of all application information on your Mac
List all applications based on their name, size, and last open date
Notify users that there are new updates available to install and use


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