Sequel Pro

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Sequel Pro is an open source, powerful MySQL & MariaDB database management tool

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Sequel Pro is a MySQL management software for Mac users, which is a branch of the open source project CocoaMySQL. It supports all table management functions including indexes, supports MySQL views, and can use multiple windows to operate multiple databases/tables at the same time.


The operation is fast and simple. You can connect to local or remote MySQL through a few simple parameter settings.
Support multi-window operation. Perform operations on multiple databases in different windows.
The syntax of the SQL statement is colored and highlighted.
Automatic completion of SQL statement keywords, table names, and field names.
Support more than 30 different character encodings.
Quickly import/restore, export/back up data in SQL and CSV format.
Compatible with MySQL3, 4, and 5.
Support to connect to the database on MAMP/XAMP architecture, support SSH connection mode;


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