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Typora is a powerful Markdown editor, using GFM style

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You only need to enter the correct Markdown grammar mark (such as ##secondary title, bold) when typing in Typora, and the software will act as if the keyboard shortcut is triggered, and the corresponding text will instantly turn into what they should be. Italic, bold, insert pictures, quotes, insert pictures, codes, tables, ordered lists, etc. will all magically “become reality” the moment you finish typing the code, what you see on the editor It is directly the final typesetting effect of Markdown. This kind of writing experience is really great!

Moreover, Typora supports syntax highlighting of code blocks (developer’s gospel). For the elements that are more difficult to enter in MD such as tables and mathematical formulas, Typora also provides quite convenient assistance; supports keyboard shortcuts; also provides export Markdown To HTML and PDF functions.


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